Tammy's Story

Your New Lease on Life, and It’s Only the Beginning

Tammy, 46

Tammy MacDonald’s kids have all grown up and left home, and some have children of their own. At 46, she is a young Grandmother of nine and has spent years caring for her family and her animals (currently six horses). For the past 20 years, Tammy has worked in the honey bee industry and owns an apiary with her husband in Peace River, BC. She has put in the long days and arduous labour, so now it’s her time to put herself first. Needing an overall pick-me-up, this is where Human Medical Aesthetics came to her help. 

Working in the honey bee industry rarely gives you a typical day with the constantly changing variables; planning can be challenging, and rarely are the days slow. Tammy finds her serenity in the mornings tending to her horses and taking them out for rides with her granddaughter. By mid-morning, it’s straight into work with her husband to pull the honey and then home to extract, a process that can take them late into the night, 3 AM or later. Tammy’s days are often full-on, but somehow, usually running by the seat of her pants, she finds a way to fit it all in. These chaotic days have taken their toll as she realizes she isn’t as young as she once was. The constant feeling of being worn out and tired negatively impacts her energy levels and mood, resulting in an overall low feeling she couldn’t shake.

Love Your Age

Tammy is no stranger to Botox, as years ago, she suffered from migraine headaches and had started using Botox injections for prevention. Satisfied with these results, Tammy began treatment to soften her wrinkles. However, for the past five years, Tammy has considered further treatment. While loving turning 40, she felt reluctant about turning 45 after her busy and ever-changing lifestyle had taken its toll on her appearance. With her upcoming wedding, she was at her appointment with Dr. Lourens when she enquired about further treatment for the problem areas.

Aiming for an overall freshen-up while maintaining her natural look, Tammy hoped to look brighter and feel better about her appearance. She knew very little about fillers and wasn’t sure if she wanted to go down that route, but Tammy was always delighted with Dr. Louren’s work, so she was intrigued and wanted to discuss more. The financial cost and justifying spending the money on herself was a reservation Tammy held. Regardless, with an open mind, she had her consultation with client care consultant Louwinda, Dr. Lourens’s wife. She knew what she was looking for but didn’t know what was needed to achieve it. Louwinda made her feel comfortable and safe, and no question was left unanswered. 

You’re In Your Prime

Living a busy life, Tammy has always struggled with her energy levels. She loves to spend time walking in nature and going to the gym but only when she can muster the energy. In recent years, feeling done with the hard life, Tammy tried to work shorter days, yet the effect of years of long, hard hours was still evident in her appearance. Having spent a significant amount of money on various skin creams and serums, she saw that they only ever took her redness away. They didn’t give her that brighter, livelier feeling that would allow her to hold her head high and walk through life with confidence, plus she wanted results that would last.

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Treat yourself

“As a grandma who works full time, I am busy all the time, so now it was time to treat myself, and you know what, I want to keep treating myself.”

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The First Consultation

Tammy’s initial consultation with Dr. Lourens was a real turning point in her journey. She describes it as “exceptional.” Going in with intrigue and an idea of her problem areas, “I was looking at certain parts of my face, particularly the lower parts and said I’d like to try some here, here and here.” Dr. Lourens explained everything about starting from the top and moving down, describing the process in full detail, what’s involved, how it can help, etc. Dr. Lourens pointed out what was the worst areas and explained how each element impacted the others. Having heard a bad story from her sister’s friend, Tammy had a couple of concerns. Dr. Human was more than happy to discuss them and ensured she was informed and comfortable before moving forward. Together they created a customized treatment plan for fillers in the deeper area, cheekbone and temples to achieve her desired results.

Human Medical Aesthetics Services

When A Little Makes A Big Impact

After treatment, Tammy had a tiny bit of swelling and bruising, nothing that kept her out of a restaurant. After no more than four days, it was all gone. Tammy shared it was nothing compared to her bee stings – the pitfalls of working in the industry. 

“It’s fantastic the work that the Dr. did; what they did up top made the lower face look so much better – it blew my mind.I was ecstatic; I couldn’t believe how much of a difference even just doing the temples made! 

Today, Tammy has a new lease on life; she has more energy and a much brighter outlook on life. It set her on a positive track, making her want to eat healthier and be healthy in general – mind, body, and soul. “It made me feel like a million bucks, and I don’t ever want that feeling to go away!”

No Guilt, Only Great Feelings

Tammy didn’t need to convince herself to get the treatment; she only questioned spending that money on herself. Having never treated herself to a professional facial or massage, she’s happy with her decision to treat herself finally. Her initial guilt was evident, but she thought to herself, “You know what, no, not this time. Everybody deserves something, and it’s okay to spend money on yourself. It doesn’t mean you are selfish. Look at what you do every other day of the week, month or year. Everything you are doing for your family, relatives, friends, and animals – many people are out there working so much for others that they forget about themselves. So I think it’s vital to take the time and spend some money on yourself. Today, Tammy is still glad she decided to invest in herself, would happily do it again and is graciously looking forward to turning 47.

Tammy shared, “I would like to say to everybody, particularly the moms and grandma’s out there who are feeling down and feel like you do everything for everybody else. You work as hard as you can, so take some time for yourself and find something that makes you feel good, and if it’s this, then excellent!” 

Tammy’s five key points of advice for anyone who is in a similar position to herself:

  1. Know who you’re going to. 
  2. Know they are professional.
  3. Know they have been trained under the right person (this is the most important). 
  4. Do your background work and make sure you find the right doctor for you.
  5. You will know who the right doctor for you is as you will feel comfortable with them. 

Concern from patient consultation: Soften wrinkles with fillers in the deeper area, cheekbone, and temples
Treatment areas: Cheeks, Temples

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A complete list of Client’s Treatments include

  • JUVEDERM®: Cheeks, Temples